Carl Schlachte

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Digital Projects

I have been interested in web work and web design since I first got online. I taught myself HTML in middle school and have slowly but steadily updated my knowledge in the intervening years while the web has evolved. While not the primary focus of my work, I nonetheless continue to work with web design, as I find it a fascinating evolution of the way we perceive and process text—this interest is a natural outgrowth of my experience and interest in publishing.

I designed and coded this site, and I designed, coded, and maintain the site for a Perimeter, as well.

In my teaching, I work with students to consider the ways that presenting texts online changes the needs we place on those texts. Numerous students in my classes have remediated essays into websites, and many more have created websites directly as part of multimodal projects. More recently, I developed a course on Wiki Writing that has students create a course-specific Wiki from the ground up, organized around topics in city and campus issues. I look forward to continuing to develop the digitally-oriented aspects of my classroom work.

I have also experimented with presenting texts online in ways they could not be in print, including in a one-off digital humanities adaptation of a passage from Gloria Anzaldúa's Borderlands/La Frontera.